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Reading Rage Futures Camp


June 25 – June 29 (Monday-Friday)

Age Brackets: 

  • Mini Academy- U6 (2013) & U5 (2014)
  • Futures- U8 (2011) & U7 (2012)
  • Junior's - U10 (2009) & U9 (2010)

*Players are broken to groups based on age & ability level.

Cost: $75

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Jim Dietrich Park

All players receive a t-shirt (please include size on registration). *Players who register 3 weeks prior are guaranteed proper size.

These camps are open to all children, boys and girls aged U5-U9. The focus is on getting young children to fall in love with the sport of soccer. We will teach the players basic soccer skills for all levels of play in a fun, non comeptitive environment.

Curriculum and Training
Structure: We believe in getting young players as many touches on the ball as possible in a fun, non competitive environment. All training sessions are age and ability specific. Youngsters will be encouraged to run with the ball as they learn the basic skills of soccer. Sessions will also be complimented with activites and games that assist in children developing fine motor skills.

Staying with the ball: As with the our older players we encourage "risk taking" and trying difficult things within the practice along with coaching on where and when to perform these skills. Children are more apt to learn new skills and try them at a younger age as they are not afraid of failure. This is the ideal age for children to try new things and learn from the mistakes and the game.

Games: It is our commitment that sessions must resemble the game. Children learn best through playing so we offer more opportunities for players to participate in small sided games especially at this young age.

Staff Information:
All sessions will be run by qualified and licensed Rage Soccer Club Coaches 

Directed by Tyler Witmer