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COVID-19 Refund Policy: 
PRIOR TO THE START OF EACH SESSION, in the event our Monday Night Futsal League is CANCELLED or disrupted by factors related to Covid-19, outside of the MONDAY NIGHT FUTSAL program's control, players will be refunded 100% of the registration fee.  

However, if 4 of the 6 weeks are played in any given session, the league will be considered complete, and players at the top of the brackets will be considered the winners.  If less than 4 weeks are played, players will be given a credit toward future MNF sessions.

2020/2021 Monday Night Futsal at Relevant Sports Complex


Session I - NOVEMBER 16
Session II - JANUARY 4
Session III - FEBRUARY 15

Session Day Dates Times Price
Futsal 1 Mondays 11/16, 23, 30, 12/7, 14, 21 6:00-9:00pm $80/Player - RAGE Players $75
Futsal 2 Mondays 1/4, 11, 18, 25, 2/1, 8 6:00-9:00pm $80/Player - RAGE Players $75
Futsal 3 Mondays 2/15, 22, 3/1, 8, 15, 22 6:00-8:00pm $65/Player - RAGE Players $60


The youngest age groups will play first (6:00 PM).  
Approximate start times posted below!

Note:  There are NO SNOW DATES.

NEW! THERE ARE NO MAKE-UP GAMES due to absences. 


Futsal Session 1  -  SOLD OUT!
Futsal Session 2  -  OPEN!
Futsal Session 3  - COMING SOON!

Futsal Director -



6:00 PM 6:00 PM 7:20 PM 8:15 PM 8:15 PM 8:20 PM

Futsal Program Details and Registration

Welcome to the proving ground!
Once again this year Relevant Sports Complex will be the stage for some of the best youth futsal players in the area.

Program is open to all boys and girls ages U8-19 regardless of their club affiliation. Over 300 players participated last year.  Don't miss out on the best futsal program in the area!

Any questions email Eric Puls - Futsal Program Director -

Monday Night Individual 3v3 Futsal League


Individual players are invited to participate in our exciting 6-week programs that will focus on all of the skills necessary to play Futsal; high-paced and high-scoring, in a touchline format. Players will refine their ball control and passing skills as they earn individual points throughout the session. No coaching, no referees, different teammates every week, and a focus on fun highlight this great program.

All games will be at the Relevant Sports Complex. Players are guaranteed a minimum of three 9 minutes games each week.

The heavier smaller futsal ball is conditioned to improve shooting, passing, and ball control skills.What is Futsal?
Futsal is soccer played with a smaller, heavier ball, where players develop control, pin-point passing and quick decision making skills. A smaller playing environment encourages creativity by constantly placing players in demanding decision making situations; a major reason why futsal is one of the finest teachers of the game. World class players such as Ronaldinho and Robinho credit much of their professional successes to playing futsal at a young age.
Benefits of Playing Futsal:

  • Playing environment encourages individual creativity and flare.

  • Playing within touchlines forces players without the ball to position and anticipate as they should in the outdoor game.

  • Playing in small spaces encourages quick touches and helps to put players in good receiving positions to play the ball.

  • Playing in tight areas also greatly improves a player’s decision-making abilities; beneficial to the outdoor game.

  • Kids have fun!

Check out the video below for some of the top freestyle futsal soccer moves from around the world!!!

Rules and Regulations

- Each session will consist of a number 9minute games. Each player will be guaranteed at least three (3) games per session. All games will be running clock and will begin and end at the same time.

- Points will be given to all players under the following circumstances
  3 Points for a Win
  1 Point for a tie
  0 Points for a loss

- Teams will be picked at random for each session.

- If a player misses a week, no makeup games will be awarded. In the event of a player missing a week, other players who are not scheduled to play in that particular game will fill in for the missing player. Neither the missing player nor the player filling in will receive any points in this situation. The other two players on the team would receive points as normal.

- Official Futsal balls will be used for all games

- In the event of a tie on the final week a 1v1 head to head game will take place. The first player to score three (3) goals will be awarded as the Champion.

- Games will start at midfield. The home team (Pinnies) will always start with the ball

- After a goal is scored, the ball will begin back at midfield. All kick offs are direct.

- If the ball goes out of bounds the ball can be either passed back in field or dribbled back in from the point where the ball left the field.

- Goal kicks and corners will be awarded as normal. All balls out of bounds may be set back to the line and dribbled back into play, this includes corners and goal kicks

- No Goalkeepers will be used. No use of the hands is permitted anywhere on the field.

-Goals scored from beyond midfield will not count. Goals scored from the attacking half of the field are the only goals that will count.

- FIFA rules will be used unless otherwise stated.

- Players will call their own fouls.

- In the event of a foul/hand ball situation, a free-kick will be awarded at the point of the foul. The defending team must be 5ft away from the ball when the kick is taken. Again, this can be either a direct shot/pass or can be dribbled back into play.

- No sliding tackles are allowed.

2020 Futsal Session 3 Standings

**Click on the PTS. block in each age group for the correct standings**

Group 1: U8/9 Boys (5:40 - 6:40PM)

# First Last Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 PTS
1 Andrew Sassaman
2 Zander Youse
3 Jordan Balthaser
4 Jayden Castro
5 Holten Detterline
6 Jack Gilmore
7 Kaden Hemstreet
8 Graham Nein
9 Bentley Roberts
10 Ethan Scheuer
11 Coben Whitcombe

Group 2: U9/10 Girls (5:40-6:50PM)

# First Last Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 PTS
1 Claire Bressler
2 Analia Flores
3 Leighton Mest
4 Lauren Mischler
5 Ella Sep
6 Cajya Christiansen
7 Piper Miller
8 Ntalie Orourke
9 Molly Oxenreider
10 Raya Ruppert
11 Sofia Schneider
12 Brenna Sea
13 Mackenzie Staus

Group 3: U10 Boys (5:40-6:40PM)

# First Last Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 PTS
1 Alexander Balthaser
2 Owen Baxter
3 Heaton Burkholder
4 Marcus Danu
5 Brooks Deysher
6 Jaden Eckroth
7 Julian Eichert
8 John Fratrick
9 Brady Frederick
10 Max Kazimierow
11 Cameron Morris
12 Andrew Munteanu
13 Parker Najarian
14 Frank Ranaudo
15 Christopher Sandru
16 Kellen Stoy
17 Julian Torres
18 Emmett Walter
19 Brady Woll
20 Braydon Youse
21 Xander Morgan

Group 4: U11 Boys (6:40-7:40PM)

# First Last Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 PTS
1 Aiden Angstadt
2 Jackson Bacon
3 Owen Bishop
4 Mark Castro
5 Nicholas Christie
6 William Combs
7 Cameron Guardiola
8 Matthew Marks
9 Keegan McCarthy
10 Leo Omerzo
11 Koden Shappell

Group 5: U13 Girls (6:50-7:50PM)

# First Last Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 PTS
1 Kaylyn Anderson
2 Jessica Angstadt
3 Mikayla Boyer
4 Isabella DiGiacomo
5 Mia Durham
6 Kenzianna Flores
7 Regan Mohn
8 Avery Rumberger
9 Soliel Redner
10 Madison Williams
11 Ashley Zhagui

Group 6: U11/12 Girls (6:40-7:40PM)

# First Last Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 PTS
1 Cecelia Baum
2 Audrina Colon
3 Ariana Disla
4 Peyton Grebloski
5 Gianna Ingrassia
6 Ellee Marks
7 Scarlet Neider
8 Milania Snyder
9 Kyleigh Batory
10 Ellie Bear
11 Emily Boyer
12 Olivia Bressler
13 Presleigh Finkbiner
14 Lilah Gilmore
15 Taylor Haag
16 Payton Kramlich
17 Ava Mischler
18 Bailey Pekuri
19 Victoria Reedy
20 Hailey Scheuer
21 Evelyn Stricker
22 Raegan Whitehead
23 Sienna Stilianos
24 Ella Zelinsky

Group 7: U12 Boys (7:40-8:30PM)

# First Last Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 PTS
1 Gavin Anderson
2 Blake Batory
3 Matthew Gernert
4 Connor Haas
5 Benjamin Haines
6 Hunter Johansmeyer
7 Valdrin Lajqi
8 Spencer Leibman
9 Chris Limas
10 Caleb Marks
11 Owen Meredith
12 Ian Myers
13 Quinn Myers
14 Konnor Pursell
15 Liam Rios
16 Jeremy Sassaman
17 Nathan Shields
18 Mark Sneij
19 Evan Temple
20 Nolan McLaughlin

Group 8: U13/14 Boys (7:40-8:50PM)

# First Last Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 PTS
1 Colin Duncan
2 Connor Moyer
3 Tanner Staus
4 Coby Warren
5 Shawn Batory
6 Zach Fatrick
7 Matthew Gorney
8 Andrew Horst
9 Owen Hunt
10 Taylor Line
11 Everton Mest
12 Finnegan Miller
13 Owen Miller
14 Angelo Iannacchino

Group 9: High School Boys (7:50-8:50PM)

# First Last Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 PTS
1 Owen Auchenbach
2 Logan Ernst
3 Nikolas Rohm
4 Josiah Bodonari
5 Ray Gorney
6 Luke Kochey
7 Julien Moll
8 Gavin Wagner
9 Dante Blakenbiller
10 Nicholas Lovelace
11 Mitch Mair

Group 10: High School Girls (8:30-9:20PM)

# First Last Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 PTS
1 Hailey Blatt
2 Shelby Dougherty
3 Jadelyn Eichert
4 Sierra Hess
5 Ellie Leffler
6 Stephanie Morales
7 Mikayla Seymour
8 Abigail Stella
9 Skyler Bernheiser
10 Alexis Brown
11 Emily Goetz
12 Aliza Ralston
13 Lily Wendt
14 Abigail Amaya
15 Mackenzie Coyle
16 Riley Krick
17 Lauren Bowers
18 Cami Waren
19 Marilyn Zhagui

2018 Futsal Session 2 Champions

Group 1 Champion: U7/8 Boys and Girls - Anna Abboud

Group 4 Champion: U10/11 Boys - Logan Delillo

Group 7 Champion: Jr High/High School Girls - Reagan Simock

Group 2 Champion: U9 Boys - Aaron Almanza

Group 5 Champion: U11-13 Girls - Jadelyn Eichert

Group 3 Champion: U9/10 Girls - Ashley Zhagui

Group 6 Champion: U12/13 Boys - Evan Stoudt

Group 8 Champion: High School Boys - Ryan Szymczyk