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RAGE SC Girls Program Selected to Exclusive EDP Super Clubs

June 18, 2015


The Eastern Development Program is excited to announce the introduction of the EDP Super Club model for the 2015/2016 season.

The EDP Super Club model will see selected clubs join an exclusive club-v-club model within the EDP league showcasing the very best youth soccer in the East coast. 

EDP Super Clubs will have access to competitive league matches, as well as  the EDP Open Cup, USA Champions League and EDP Cup Series. 

Super Clubs will benefit from our exclusive Pathway to College program,which focuses on college placement for U15-U18 age groups.  Through EDP, players will have multiple opportunities to showcase their talent for some of the premier college soccer program sin the country.  To make our athletes even more accessible, EDP will create a video library, which will become the ultimate recruiting tool for college coaches. 

"The EDP Pathway to College is a very compelling program.  It presents many of the best clubs on the east coast, league play on conveniently located college campuses, and access to the video library from tournament and league play." Peter Gooding, TIP To College Director.


In addition to college-led ambitions, the EDP Super Club model will provide an environment which will promote player development for age groups U11-U14 seeing teams travel, as a club, to face other members.


"The EDP Super Club model takes the current model with outstanding match play and sensible travel and adds the benefits of the club.  Great idea, World Class is excited about this new program."  

Kazbek Tambi, DOC World Class FC


The EDP Super Club program integrates an organized league structure with supplementary tournaments offering clubs the chance to participate in a competitive soccer season. 


"The EDP Super Club League is an exciting league development bringing together the top clubs in the region. The Clubs who have signed up share some key attributes including a proven track record, a focus on player development and a desire for strong  weekly competitive games.  The quality of the clubs is paramount to any league and the Super Club League's structure enables players, coaches, and college scouts to gain the greatest value from competition." 

Rosanno Polvaro, New York FC


With guaranteed matches and access to some of the area's premier tournaments, Super Clubs will be able to test themselves on a regular basis in a competitive club structure with a camaraderie between fellow members promoting a suitable environment for the development of youth soccer. 


"Bethesda Soccer Club is pleased to join the EDP Super Club division.  We like the club concept with a focus on a quality match every week.  In addition, we welcome the opportunity to host the EDP top flight teams at our November Showcase for Boys and Girls Divisions." 

Brad Roos, Bethesda SC

RAGES SC is officially an accepted member of the Eastern Development Program League

Reading, PA, April 11, 2015 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rage SC is proud to announce it has become an ACCEPTED MEMBER of the EASTERN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM

Rage SC is All-In
EDP eagerly welcomes Rage SC as an All-In Club
Formed in 2003, Rage SC is a successor to the local Reading-Berks County Premier program, an entity that existed for approximately 20 years prior to Rage's formation.  Through its affiliation with the local PDL team, Reading Rage, Rage SC has since taken on their name.

“The clubs philosophy is admired by EDP and is one reason to which EDP is so proud to welcome Rage SC as an All-In club. Rage’s philosophy is to provide a professional learning environment that provides a long-term player development approach to help players grow in skill, confidence, and ability. The programs that Rage SC has in place for its members are initiatives EDP hopes to inspire within all of the leagues member clubs. ” - EDP League

The Academy is under the direction of Sean Murphy, who holds a USSF National “A License and boasts over 25 years of coaching experience.  Altogether the Academy is lead by 22 outstanding coaches who have over 100 years of combined coaching and playing experience.

”We are very excited to join the EDP league, this relationship will present many opportunities for all of our players and Club.” -Sean Murphy, Academy Director

Club training and coaches develop the players, and EDP and its flights offer the developmentally appropriate platform and pathway for players to progress into college and professional careers. The Full Club Model is designed to serve the top team in each age group of the club U11-18 and to ensure that each team will compete in a developmentally appropriate format that provides competitive match each week. The divisions are: EDP (1&2). Most EDP Boys First Division teams, and selected Girls teams from both divisions are members of US Club's "NPL" family of premier programs.


Contact: Sean Murphy                                                                                




About the Eastern Development Program: More than just a league....

The EDP was started by a core group of "elite" clubs in Region 1.
Our mission was to provide a development-friendly arena of competition where coaches can operate in a collegial and mutually supportive environment to develop players who aspire the to the highest levels of play - College, Pro and International. etc. 

Working with MSSL, they were able to establish these flights for the U13 and U14 boys groups for the 2010-11 year but, from the beginning, the intention was to expand to include girls, and a full range of age groups.

Thanks to the success of the first year there were EDP flights for Boys and Girls U12-U17 in 2011-12. This coverage will expand to U11-U18 for 2012-13.

Most EDP Boys First Division teams, and selected Girls teams from both divisons are members of US Club's "NPL" family of premier programs.

The EDP's mission is to serve respected clubs whose teams, to develop their players, need a higher level of competition than is available to them locally. The program is administered by MSSL - a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of youth soccer.